Wednesday, January 4, 2017


I've never really had tapestry as a wall decor in my room or apartment even to I always loved that hippie vibe it gives to any space. In my last bedroom I used green and purple drapes as a canopy above my bed and loved the cosy look of it.

Now, when I moved to my new apartment, I wanted to recreate some coziness of my old colorful spce so I ordered this mandala tapestry from e-Bay. It meant to be hanged on the wall but an old and worn out couch in our living room was a bigger priority to fix. :) 

And I say, fix it did! I just placed it over and tucked the corners in basically, but I love how it turned out! Our "new" couch is almost a center piece of our living room now. Together with those cute affordable pillows I got from e-Bay and next to this eclectic gallery wall that I improvised using framed paintings and graphics we found around the apartment from before. Except the "They all shine just for you" one, that one I painted myself long before this tapestry came into play (and look how well the colors fit together!).

This tapestry is made with pure cotton and the quality of it is really good. I'm actually already planing on ordering a similar piece in a bigger size for my wall (this one measures 84" x 54 " inches or 215 x 140 cm).It doesn't move around or wrinkle when you sit or lay on it almost at all. The colors are vibrant and haven't lost any saturation after washing (I washed it once by now). It looks pretty much the same as on the picture shown online. I ordered it from e-Bay seller "handicraft-palace" but you can find it anywhere online with "Boho hippie mandala tapestry" search and/or this picture in the description: 

That's all folks! 'Till nex time, Iva


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    1. Thank you! :) Work in progress nevertheless :D

  2. I love your decor! It looks so warm and inviting :)

  3. Thank you so much for the post you do because everything you have launched is truly incredibly utilitarian.
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