Wednesday, December 14, 2016


I'm not just talking about 2017 being around the corner (OMG, time files!), but also I have moved few months ago to our Coatian capital city Zagreb. I am lost, confused, jobless and - on an adventure. This is what being a bohemian is all about I hope, the adventure part at least, and I wanted to awake my inner hippie for a while now. So...

Winter days in Zagreb are pretty cold and I haven't been spending much time outside. I'll insert some photos that I took few weeks ago in my new neighbourhood, back when I could still enjoy warm afternoon walks.

Now, when I'm not being warm and cosy at home, I'm slowly discovering little cafe's and restaurants around the city centre. I really enjoyed vegetarian/vegan restaurant Nishta few days ago since I'm trying to eat more healthy and balanced meals, plus the place was really cute (and my favorite color is purple!)

Photo source

I'm using this time to explore the city, but also to explore my own possibilities. Starting over can be sometimes a little scary, even if I started over many times before. But let's see where this journey will take us this time. Universe, I am ready. :)

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