Sunday, November 15, 2015


Hey there! Last month I wrote a little bit about my super tiny living space and my dream of having (nice proper) atelier. I have posted some nice images of an inspiring studio and maybe even complained a little.  But just a little - cause words have power! ◕‿- You can find that post HERE.

I'm a true believer that if there's a good will anything is possible and I wanted to share with you this super tiny corner of my room that I like to call - my atelier. 

I love stories and when everything around me tells one, I'm happy. To introduce you to this space, well, I can tell you that I moved here almost thee years ago directly from New York. It was a plain white room and I knew I'd have to make some magic up to really call it my own. I've been under a heavy influence of New Orleans at that time when I moved back here to a sunny coast of Mediterranean and I knew I wanted to recreate some of that darker, mystic but still colorful vibe of French Quarter. I told my local house painter that I was going for some "old library" vibes but I realised that what I was apparently looking for is - a color of mold . Great! No more confusion. 

I have a lot of little knick-knacks that I like to change up and move around in here. This dream catches was crafted by a really special person who (a bit weird part) made it from his aunt's dead bird. Oh well... 

I decorated my super loud ticking clock, which for that reason was left with no batteries, with some faux poppy flowers in memory of my "highschool sweetheart". It reminds me of both actually - Heart Shaped Box and The Wizard of Oz

NIrvana's Heart Shaped Box

Gosh, I love Glade's scented candles... But enough about decor. I wanted to share with you a system behind this matchbox studio that I have come up with since the space in here is tiny and the veriety of crafts that I do is pretty wide. Basically I have my materials organised in few boxes that I normally keep on top of my closet (but I have some crafty stuff underneath the bed as well). 

Of course, I always want to do everything at the same time. Once I start with painting than I want to make a collage as well. And then I want to draw... And the mess keeps piling up. So I try to rather be focused to do one thing at the time. It really helps to keep my tiny space as functional and organised as possible.

My favorite is this easel-box that also serves as a storage for my acrylic paints. How cool is this! I promised myself that I'll bring it out to the nature with me next Spring since it's super light and easy to carry. For my mixed matherials I have a new box that I've been dying to play with for a while.

The smallest box of all of them makes the biggest mess! I have lots of paper scraps and scrapbooking materials in it, waiting to be scattered all around the room. It's a mess in here when I make collages and "spooky boxes". Oh, I made a post with those if you're interested (you can find it HERE). There is some artwork on my web page that's in the making as well (click HERE). 

Lastly, I love drawing and and this black box one is a perfect little storage for my basic supplies that I can just pop out and doodle or make sketches with. A lot of the acrylic paintings that I did are based on those "random doodles" and are coming to life in front of my eyes with all the color and details I'm putting into them. It's really exciting!

And that's it! All in all, I'm really happy with my tiny space. Everything will come with time and I'm pretty sure I'll have a proper atelier soon enough. But in the meantime I'm willing to work with what I have. Plus, there are so many great opportunities and options out there.

If you're looking for a conference room or an office you could try the WeWork office spaces designed to suit all types of creators and teams no matter the size. They have office spaces all over the United States and Europe and offer membership with access to exclusive events, discounts on products and more. Oh, and of course they offer benefits like connecting you with other creators and potential customers.

I'm really loving this idea of sharing office spaces and connecting freelancers and small businesses together. There's a cute video explaining more about WeWork on their website, so if you want to check it out you can head that way by clicking HERE.

That about it. I hope I've inspred you to create and enjoy your space, no matter how tiny or simple it is. I'll soon do a room tour to show you the space around the table because there's nothing so frustrating for me as seeing just one part of the "room" tour. Ok, I'll stop talking now. Bye everybody! xo (▰˘◡˘▰)

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