Monday, November 16, 2015


Images via Istvan Kadar, Flickr, ABM
They say it's good to write your dreams down. And that the way you talk about them determines weather they came true. So, I decided to name this post series Bucket list rather than dreams because they seem more likely to happen. We'll see. But here are some of the things I wanted to add on it first:

Two of my friends really wanted to do this for a long time and I always imagine how it would be like to make it happen and how much fun we'd have flying one of those. Plus, it seems like the balloons on the photo are flying over Tuscany which is not too far from where I live now and that gives me even more ideas.  Oh, and with a sunset like that it looks larger than life.

My dream cars in every day life are small cute ones and everybody is always surprised when I talk with passion about Grand Mercury Marquise. It pure perfection if you ask me, dark, masculine, aggressive. Nothing like me but still I have a "relationship" with it. I would LOVE to take one of those for a ride!

Another thing that I secretly dream about is having my own little store with knick knacks, vintage stuff and handmade pieces. Space that could also serve as a gallery and maybe a coffee shop, a gathering place for open mics and poetry evenings. Oh yes! To be modest, I would also just looove to see my artwork hanging or being sold in one of those cute places.

That's it for now, but even as I was writing this ideas kept popping to my head I must say - this is pretty good way of keeping focus on what you love. Good luck with some dreaming of yours. Cheers!

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