Wednesday, October 14, 2015


I've been looking for ways to turn my lifestyle in more unconventional direction for some time now. I always knew I love the freedom of adventurous bohemian trips I took sometimes but my everyday life felt pretty boring in comparisment to those occasional adventures I had. Even when I moved to New York City my everyday lifestyle stayed almost as conventional as before. In time I realized that being unconventional, bohemian or alternative is not about moving somewhere but about lifestyle choices I make. Job I choose to take, priorities I make, people I spend time with, places I spent time at...

So this July I've been a bit bummed about my failed plans to spend summer working abroad doing something exciting. On top of that I said yes to a part time cleaning job that took me even more away from my unconventional plans. 

And then one afternoon I decided to change it - right there and then. I sat in front of a laptop brainstorming the ideas of random funky things I can do to get me out of the rut. Few things came to my mind but I've set my heart on one festival and sent a request for volunteering. The next day I got an email with acceptance letter and few days later I was already on my way to a new adventure. 

I packed my sleeping bag, borrowed my parents tent and packed few things I thought I need and few that I hoped I won't (like umbrella or pepper spray). I left for five days and spent in the end more than a month working on a pre-fest, during the festival and post-festival time eve tho I don't really listen to trance OR electronic music in general. But I fell in love with the lifestyle; being in nature, sleeping in a tent, working with like minded people on project I believe in, spending evenings talking instead of chatting online... Needless to say, I had the time of my life and I'm hoping to implement a lot of new things in my everyday life. I will definitely write more about those.

These photos are property of Lost Theory Festival  
I took just few random photos of my tent and the empty field after everybody left. Oh, and of a sign I made that kept hanging on a parked camper (the camper appeared in a movie Paradise Trips that was filmed on a festival last year, yippy!)

Thumbs up!

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