Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Keeping up with a blog that I would visually be content with and proud of was so much harder task than I originally thought it would be. Well, I gave myself a hard task; I wanted to make a lifestyle artsy blog with original photos and ideas but the problem was - I wasn't able to keep up with my own expectations. I live in a small dark and very unphotogenic room (it is cute, but crowded and really not how I imagine the whole vibe of the blog to be). I share all the other rooms of the apartment with other people (read: my family) and it makes it really frustrating to wait for "my turn" to use a kitchen or living room to take decent photos. I don't have that many cool stuff and my budget is way to low to experiment with anything.

On the other note, I am one eclectic human being and a lot of the stuff that I wanted to share here were just not "fitting" the mood that I set my blog to be. The truth is that I am still searching for myself and my own style and expression. I thought I should know by now ("because I'm almost 30") what I like and what I want. Or at least choose something and stick with it. But that felt strange.

I asked myself again, why did I wanted to do this blog?

It all started because I wanted to open a little store on Etsy with my artwork and I thought it would be really cool to give a little sneak peek into my personal life. You know, I get nosy when I see something I like and I get interested about the artist or in general about how other people live their lives. But I don't want to put out an image and that's how it felt. I want to put my reality and my dreams into this blog.

If I had the conditions I would keep up with creativity because it makes me happy to make sets and create worlds with ideas and photography, but right now I am not there yet. So, I will do what I can.

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