Friday, October 30, 2015


Annie took this photo of me in front of a random (spooky) house down the street;
Catonsville, Maryland

There can't be a Halloween without me thinking about Baltimore. It's because every day felt like Halloween when I moved to a small town Catonsville placed in it's suburbs. It's not that I didn't love it's peculiar vibe (I like horror movies after all) but it felt a bit... spooky sometimes. Old Victorian mansions and big trees... May I say they added to the "atmosphere". 

"Travel guide" I found at the library

As I was new in town I walked around a lot and one of the first "town sights" I've got to experience was the Spring Grove Hospital - huge old psychiatric hospital comlex notorious for lobotomies and alegdly haunted areas. Oh well... To move from this idea of towns "haundet past" I went to the library to get some touristy stuff but the lady there sent me to an isle where most books about the area had words like "ghost" or "haunted" in their title. 

My time living in Catonsville not only made me understand Poe a bit better (yup, he had strong ties with Baltimore and lived there as well) but inspired some creepy artwork, collages and few lines that I wrote for my writing course (it ended being the ONLY thing I wrote the entire course, but oh well... *blush*).

"Rows of tall skinny oak trees everywhere around me started to appeared as rows of prison bars. Even just a walk around the streets of this town awoke my claustrophobia. Old Victorian mansions looked haunted like scenes from Hitchcock movies. As I looked up at the sky trying to catch a spot of a clear sky that hasn't been stolen by monstrous oak trees, I grew afraid that their little branches will catch me if I ran." Hmmm...

Besides the writing course, that Autumn I took Spanish, painting, singing, acting and - collge course
I lived in Catonsville for a year and I'm glad I did. Now I have a story of my own little spooky Halloween town that, to be now for real, was a lovely little place with amazing Victorian architecture, dreamy nature and the most beautiful Autumn I have ever seen. Happy Halloween!

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