Friday, October 30, 2015


Happy Halloween!

Creating this look the other day made me feel like a real kid again! True, Halloween is just around the corner, but I had no intentions of channeling any witchy (slash Curly Sue?) vibes when I paired my red shoes and green'n'black tights together. It sort of just happened! 

The Wizard of Oz 

Otherwise, I'm rather boring when it comes to fashion on daily basics. And even when I want to put something "interesting" together - I'm too shy to wear it. So I mostly stick to my regular "capsule wardrobe" for work and "don't give a f*" items for home. But now I really have a feeling this might change... Strutting this weird combo that I've put together with an intuition of an 6 year and taking photos of it was so much fun! And it makes me think I just might do it more often. 

Fly Shoes London


Annie took this photo of me in front of a random (spooky) house down the street;
Catonsville, Maryland

There can't be a Halloween without me thinking about Baltimore. It's because every day felt like Halloween when I moved to a small town Catonsville placed in it's suburbs. It's not that I didn't love it's peculiar vibe (I like horror movies after all) but it felt a bit... spooky sometimes. Old Victorian mansions and big trees... May I say they added to the "atmosphere". 

"Travel guide" I found at the library

As I was new in town I walked around a lot and one of the first "town sights" I've got to experience was the Spring Grove Hospital - huge old psychiatric hospital comlex notorious for lobotomies and alegdly haunted areas. Oh well... To move from this idea of towns "haundet past" I went to the library to get some touristy stuff but the lady there sent me to an isle where most books about the area had words like "ghost" or "haunted" in their title. 

My time living in Catonsville not only made me understand Poe a bit better (yup, he had strong ties with Baltimore and lived there as well) but inspired some creepy artwork, collages and few lines that I wrote for my writing course (it ended being the ONLY thing I wrote the entire course, but oh well... *blush*).

"Rows of tall skinny oak trees everywhere around me started to appeared as rows of prison bars. Even just a walk around the streets of this town awoke my claustrophobia. Old Victorian mansions looked haunted like scenes from Hitchcock movies. As I looked up at the sky trying to catch a spot of a clear sky that hasn't been stolen by monstrous oak trees, I grew afraid that their little branches will catch me if I ran." Hmmm...

Besides the writing course, that Autumn I took Spanish, painting, singing, acting and - collge course
I lived in Catonsville for a year and I'm glad I did. Now I have a story of my own little spooky Halloween town that, to be now for real, was a lovely little place with amazing Victorian architecture, dreamy nature and the most beautiful Autumn I have ever seen. Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

SUNDAY ART: Michael Sowa

So the idea of having a blog came to me for the first time in 2012. I was living in NYC at the time and I just found out the name of the art movement I've been slowly discovering and loving for a while. Pop surrealism or lowbrow art that way inspired me to open my little blog So Nice because I wanted to have an online notebook to organize all this nice visuals that I've been stumbling upon online. Aaand then - Pinterest happened! But to make this little tradition of mine alive, this week I'm sharing art by German artist Michael Sowa. And if you'll find his work a bit familiar, you probably know it from one cute French movie...

Amelie (2001.)
Amelie (2001.)

Amelie is my one of my favorite movies ever and to be honest I just connected the dots and figured out the connection between these two as I've been making this post. But I've been loving the art and the movie is so good... I would totally recommend it for one cosy movie night! 

Bonne nui, Amelie!

Monday, October 19, 2015


Most of my life I've spent moving around a lot. I switches houses, towns, countries and later on even continents. I love the feeling of constant change and living lightly. But lately I've started to nourish an idea of having my own pretty little space as well.

Now, most people would fantasise about a house or a flat (and I do to!) but I get totally utterly excited about tiny houses and little campers! The feeling of freedom they give you, that cosines of them, the idea of a simple low budget living and self sustainability... Oh I believe it's a challenge, but boy do I want to give it a go.

Of course, when I fantasise about my own little camper, I imagine it as a DIY project and a grandiose form of self expression. Some days I think it should look like a bohemian caravan, some days I think of a clean retro design. One of this campers is 1970's caravan that functions as an addition to a one bedroom house. Now that's a nice way to add some space to your home (and it could be a solution for that atelier I was thinking about).

1, 2, 3, 4

Enjoying a campervan this summer

I found so many really awesome blog posts about camper restorations, and by far this is one of my favourite. This little pearl is called The Nugget and it's beautiful on the inside as it's beautiful on the outside (talking about a sleek design!).

This Nugget is perfect, but is it perfect for me I don't know. There are so many beautiful designs and worlds inside those little houses on wheels that I'll just have to keep exploring and maybe one day, I get the chance to create one too.

Do you think you could live in a camper?

Friday, October 16, 2015


So lately I've been really inspired by the idea of having my own little cratf room or atelier. And this "inspiration" came with a lot of frustration prior to it, to be honest.

Ever since I've set my mind to open an Etsy store I've been really struggling with creating in my current space. Because, to be real, I live in one.. single.. room. And this is my sleeping room, study room, living room, get ready room, my all. You can imagne that it gets pretty busy here when I take out my papers and my canvases, supplies and eeeverything out just to make a mess that I pretty soon have to clean up. You know, because life goes on.

Plus, I love to work in big (BIG!) blocks of time and there ain't nothing frustrating like having to finish up when I'm just getting started with something.

I know, I don't have an atelier. I can't afford to rent one all the time. But an idea came to me that I COULD rent a place for a week at least where I could just let myself go crazy painting all day and night. This is still a bit out of my comfort zone because I'm a a bit insecure about what I'm artisticly capable of doing in this space and time, but it could work out.

One thing I know for sure, craft room just became an important factor for my future life. I'll keep this in mind when deciding on my space, lifestyle and my future plans.

Image Via (Got A Girl Crush Magazine)

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


I've been looking for ways to turn my lifestyle in more unconventional direction for some time now. I always knew I love the freedom of adventurous bohemian trips I took sometimes but my everyday life felt pretty boring in comparisment to those occasional adventures I had. Even when I moved to New York City my everyday lifestyle stayed almost as conventional as before. In time I realized that being unconventional, bohemian or alternative is not about moving somewhere but about lifestyle choices I make. Job I choose to take, priorities I make, people I spend time with, places I spent time at...

So this July I've been a bit bummed about my failed plans to spend summer working abroad doing something exciting. On top of that I said yes to a part time cleaning job that took me even more away from my unconventional plans. 

And then one afternoon I decided to change it - right there and then. I sat in front of a laptop brainstorming the ideas of random funky things I can do to get me out of the rut. Few things came to my mind but I've set my heart on one festival and sent a request for volunteering. The next day I got an email with acceptance letter and few days later I was already on my way to a new adventure. 

I packed my sleeping bag, borrowed my parents tent and packed few things I thought I need and few that I hoped I won't (like umbrella or pepper spray). I left for five days and spent in the end more than a month working on a pre-fest, during the festival and post-festival time eve tho I don't really listen to trance OR electronic music in general. But I fell in love with the lifestyle; being in nature, sleeping in a tent, working with like minded people on project I believe in, spending evenings talking instead of chatting online... Needless to say, I had the time of my life and I'm hoping to implement a lot of new things in my everyday life. I will definitely write more about those.

These photos are property of Lost Theory Festival  
I took just few random photos of my tent and the empty field after everybody left. Oh, and of a sign I made that kept hanging on a parked camper (the camper appeared in a movie Paradise Trips that was filmed on a festival last year, yippy!)

Thumbs up!


Keeping up with a blog that I would visually be content with and proud of was so much harder task than I originally thought it would be. Well, I gave myself a hard task; I wanted to make a lifestyle artsy blog with original photos and ideas but the problem was - I wasn't able to keep up with my own expectations. I live in a small dark and very unphotogenic room (it is cute, but crowded and really not how I imagine the whole vibe of the blog to be). I share all the other rooms of the apartment with other people (read: my family) and it makes it really frustrating to wait for "my turn" to use a kitchen or living room to take decent photos. I don't have that many cool stuff and my budget is way to low to experiment with anything.

On the other note, I am one eclectic human being and a lot of the stuff that I wanted to share here were just not "fitting" the mood that I set my blog to be. The truth is that I am still searching for myself and my own style and expression. I thought I should know by now ("because I'm almost 30") what I like and what I want. Or at least choose something and stick with it. But that felt strange.

I asked myself again, why did I wanted to do this blog?

It all started because I wanted to open a little store on Etsy with my artwork and I thought it would be really cool to give a little sneak peek into my personal life. You know, I get nosy when I see something I like and I get interested about the artist or in general about how other people live their lives. But I don't want to put out an image and that's how it felt. I want to put my reality and my dreams into this blog.

If I had the conditions I would keep up with creativity because it makes me happy to make sets and create worlds with ideas and photography, but right now I am not there yet. So, I will do what I can.