Sunday, July 5, 2015


I was never before able to expressed my inner world through art so truthfully and deeply as when I made few of my first little boxes. There was a compulsion in me to recreate a bit heavier word that I felt resonating with in places like New Orleans or San Francisco and that I lacked here on the sunny seaside of Mediterranean. 
I loved to create "spooky collages" prior to this the idea of bringing my world into 3D with shadow boxes but I thought I don't have the material needed to do something awesome. I started anyway. I bought some wooden boxes in different sizes and decorated them with paint, paper, magazine cutouts and some stuff I had at home. Most of the items inside the boxes are my personal keepsakes, souvenirs and I even have my tooth in one of them! 

So that's the short story of my little boxes. I enjoyed making them immensely and it feels almost surreal to see your inner world materialised this way. I can finally say my inner world met the reality! And it feels great... :) 

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