Sunday, April 26, 2015

OOTD: Retro dress

My first ever outfit of the day! I like to imagine so many things I'm inspired by when putting on an outfit together. It's more than a form of expression for others to read about me, it's about the story I'm telling. 
And I love great stories. 
To be honest I wasn't even aware of how much 60's inspired this dress is untill I saw it how it looks on photos. I felt like 1940's lady or 1920's girl in a Sunday dress. In the end I'm really happy the way it all turned out. You can't even see how camera shy I was for this shoot. Again, it's thanks to my patient brother who helped with a camera after giving rather great pep talk! Thanks, my "little" man. :) 

"Put on my best Sunday dress
And I walk straight into this mess of mine..."
                                                                           Hole - Best Sunday Dress


  1. Love the tights paired with open-toed shoes! Trying to work up the courage to don that combo this summer :)


    1. Thanks Molly, love your retro style! It's funny how love for fashion seems to constanlty push you forward to make that one step outside of your comfort zone. And then next, and next, right? :) My current missions are bright colors and dressing up inspite the fear that I might be the only one overdressed (or odd) :D Thank you for reading!


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