Thursday, April 9, 2015


I really love ear gauges and plugs so for the longest time I've been thinking about how to make something inspired by the awesome designs I've seen. The answer came in a shape of something called the "epoxy sticker". It's basically a thick plastic see-through sticker used for making pendants and other jewellery. The ones I'll be using are 1'' wide round Epoxy stickers that I got from Etsy for about 6$ (100 pieces). 
Supplies needed:
- Epoxy stickers
- paper scraps
- scissors
- marker
- glue
- earring posts
- earring back
I've used an old calendar that I bought in Berlin last summer (by summer they are so cheap that I can buy them and make posters and crafts on a budget with nice ilustrations and photos; I think this one was about 1-2$).  
I took an epoxy sticker and presed it on the piece of paper where I liked the design the most. I like my earrings as simmilar as possible to one one another in a pair. That's why I try to estimate first what is the best way to use the illustration. Sometimes I'm looking for designs with repeating patterns (like the green magazine cut out I'm using here) so I can make two identical earrings or I just draw someting (like the stripes on pink piece of paper). It's also possible to print out the wanted design. 
After cuting out around the stickers I darken the corners with a black marker to give it more finished look. Then I glue the earring posts on the back of each sticker. And that's it... 

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