Sunday, April 12, 2015


I've heard many great things about a nail foil subscription box called Scratch box but I wanted to try something less expensive for starters. I ended up taking the waaay more cheaper route with 1$ Ebay foils that I'll be trying today. 
Supplies needed: 
- nails :)
- nail foil
- nail file
 - top coat nail polish 
- scissors
 It's as simple as that. You peel the foil from the security paper, gently apply it to the centre of the nail. Then you press the foil down from centre to sides (first from centre to one side then to the other) making sure there aren't any bubbles under the foil or any folds. You get 14 fils in various sizes so you can choose the ones that fit your nails the best. I had to size down only one foil with scissors.
I like it! It may take some practice but it's simple and fun. The only thing is that I had to wait for the top coat to dry down because it made the foil really soft and easy to come down. I'm not sure I will apply the nail polish over it next time. And I wonder.. How long this will last. Later, gator..
(The nail foils didn't last long. It asked for a top coat but then the nail polish melted the foil and the whole thing took forever to dry. It actually never dried completly. The next day I applied a white-ish nail polish over it and it changed the colors into this nice pastel shades; That I loved! But again, this nail polish didn't work with the foils well either. I read about putting a coat of acrylic water-based non-toxic varnish on top of the foils to make it last longer. I will try it next time!) 

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