Sunday, April 12, 2015


Now I didn't call this blog "Odd Ball Doll" for no reason. The truith is I do like cute and sweet "innocent things" but sometimes (and I don't know why) I am shy to admit there is a part of me that really enjoyes somewhat weirder and darker aspects of life. For this "sweet and spooky" artwork I used a clear glass jar, an easter bunny and a plain wooden box as a base.
I played with acrylic colors, vintage looking Halloween stickers, black marker and some scrapbooking paper and this is how came out. The little gun I found on the streets of Baltimore (of all places) if I remember well. 
The photos are not the best quality (they were taken at 3AM) and the whole thing is a bit off but you know, that's life sometimes and I'm just learning to roll with it. Later, gator..

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