Thursday, April 30, 2015


Spring was super productive and creative this year, even if I promised myself to do A LOT more until May 1st... But hey, shoot for the moon and if you miss you'll land among stars, right? I spent yesterday taking photos of my acrylics for the web page that I am also a proud creator of (thanks to the real pros who made the tools for making it super easy to use). It's under construction but here's a glimps of what it may look like soon. Odd Ball Doll - Web site

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


I had to fix a runnaway element from my DIY poster that I did a while back so I thought might as well share the general idea behind this little project. I didn't have much room to display my (modest, but beloved!) album collection, so I found another way to store my CD's and still appreciate their art. I got rid of the bulky plastic cases and turned some of the covers and booklets into a poster. 
I've used few scrapbooking papers for background and I placed them one next to another to create an illusion of one big poster background. Then I decided on the arrangement of the covers, gently taped them on it and framed the whole thing together. And that's all!:)

Sunday, April 26, 2015

OOTD: Retro dress

My first ever outfit of the day! I like to imagine so many things I'm inspired by when putting on an outfit together. It's more than a form of expression for others to read about me, it's about the story I'm telling. 
And I love great stories. 
To be honest I wasn't even aware of how much 60's inspired this dress is untill I saw it how it looks on photos. I felt like 1940's lady or 1920's girl in a Sunday dress. In the end I'm really happy the way it all turned out. You can't even see how camera shy I was for this shoot. Again, it's thanks to my patient brother who helped with a camera after giving rather great pep talk! Thanks, my "little" man. :) 

"Put on my best Sunday dress
And I walk straight into this mess of mine..."
                                                                           Hole - Best Sunday Dress

Saturday, April 25, 2015


I decided to play dress-up today. I often do, but I don't always have the courage to play my little "time-traveling" game in front of a camera. My brother helped with that today and with some guidance and encouragement I ended up with rather pleasing photos of my 20's and 40's inspired look. I pin-curled my hair using bobby pins and tons of hairspray. I've learned the tehnique from various Youtube videos (thank God for tutorials!) but I did my own take on it. On some photos I haven't even brushed the curls out because I liked the messy look. 
We used this victorian inspired blue and gold wraping paper (1$) for the backround and taped it on a wall. This particular wall is facing a window so we haven't used any flash, just natural light. For the final touch I've used some easy online editors like PicMonkey and Rollip to make the photos look really vintage. And that's it! Later, gator..

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Here are some of my current favorites from ModCloth's home and gifts! I've been really excited about these iteems. Some stationary, some home decor, some utensilios, gifts... And all so darn lovely! 

My sense for decor is majestically eclectic. I love how Mid-Century modern decor compliments classical Victorian inspired pieces. Little bit of simplicty, little bit of pattern, some color, some ornaments, some sleek and you got me ModCloth! Later, gator..

Thursday, April 16, 2015


What a cool movie! I haven't been so pleasently surprised with a movie in a while! It's smart, funny, spooky and really well made. This New Zeland horror comedy (yes, COMEDY!) is about a girl doing a house arrest in her mom's house that seems to be haunted. And I just loved it!

Sunday, April 12, 2015


I've heard many great things about a nail foil subscription box called Scratch box but I wanted to try something less expensive for starters. I ended up taking the waaay more cheaper route with 1$ Ebay foils that I'll be trying today. 
Supplies needed: 
- nails :)
- nail foil
- nail file
 - top coat nail polish 
- scissors
 It's as simple as that. You peel the foil from the security paper, gently apply it to the centre of the nail. Then you press the foil down from centre to sides (first from centre to one side then to the other) making sure there aren't any bubbles under the foil or any folds. You get 14 fils in various sizes so you can choose the ones that fit your nails the best. I had to size down only one foil with scissors.
I like it! It may take some practice but it's simple and fun. The only thing is that I had to wait for the top coat to dry down because it made the foil really soft and easy to come down. I'm not sure I will apply the nail polish over it next time. And I wonder.. How long this will last. Later, gator..
(The nail foils didn't last long. It asked for a top coat but then the nail polish melted the foil and the whole thing took forever to dry. It actually never dried completly. The next day I applied a white-ish nail polish over it and it changed the colors into this nice pastel shades; That I loved! But again, this nail polish didn't work with the foils well either. I read about putting a coat of acrylic water-based non-toxic varnish on top of the foils to make it last longer. I will try it next time!) 


Now I didn't call this blog "Odd Ball Doll" for no reason. The truith is I do like cute and sweet "innocent things" but sometimes (and I don't know why) I am shy to admit there is a part of me that really enjoyes somewhat weirder and darker aspects of life. For this "sweet and spooky" artwork I used a clear glass jar, an easter bunny and a plain wooden box as a base.
I played with acrylic colors, vintage looking Halloween stickers, black marker and some scrapbooking paper and this is how came out. The little gun I found on the streets of Baltimore (of all places) if I remember well. 
The photos are not the best quality (they were taken at 3AM) and the whole thing is a bit off but you know, that's life sometimes and I'm just learning to roll with it. Later, gator..

Thursday, April 9, 2015


I really love ear gauges and plugs so for the longest time I've been thinking about how to make something inspired by the awesome designs I've seen. The answer came in a shape of something called the "epoxy sticker". It's basically a thick plastic see-through sticker used for making pendants and other jewellery. The ones I'll be using are 1'' wide round Epoxy stickers that I got from Etsy for about 6$ (100 pieces). 
Supplies needed:
- Epoxy stickers
- paper scraps
- scissors
- marker
- glue
- earring posts
- earring back
I've used an old calendar that I bought in Berlin last summer (by summer they are so cheap that I can buy them and make posters and crafts on a budget with nice ilustrations and photos; I think this one was about 1-2$).  
I took an epoxy sticker and presed it on the piece of paper where I liked the design the most. I like my earrings as simmilar as possible to one one another in a pair. That's why I try to estimate first what is the best way to use the illustration. Sometimes I'm looking for designs with repeating patterns (like the green magazine cut out I'm using here) so I can make two identical earrings or I just draw someting (like the stripes on pink piece of paper). It's also possible to print out the wanted design. 
After cuting out around the stickers I darken the corners with a black marker to give it more finished look. Then I glue the earring posts on the back of each sticker. And that's it...