Thursday, March 26, 2015


My bacpacking roots have made me really practical when it comes to buying souveneers. At one point I got myself a pair of socks as a memory of my trip to France but that memento worn off quicker than that guy's short therm memory span. Great movie that Memento. 
Anyway, I've learned since to get something more durable. And these little knick-knacks are to me some of the perfect reminders of towns I visited and worlds I've traveled.  They are handy, decorational and some of them I use in everyday life. No, not the spork though.  
These Zombie mints don't taste like much (I thought they were kidding about the "Brain Flavor", well no!) but I love to display them around. I got them in San Francisco!
These "sweet" mints on the other hand tasted great and therefore they've been gone for a while. But I keep refilling them with Fisherman's Friend ones (not because I neccesarly like them that much but because they taste so minty I won't binge on them like on candies). The discreet tattooed lady is a souveneer from Berlin, Germany. 

I used to say the phrase "Everything is going to be OK" to my friend Annie all the time back when we lived in Baltimore (cause we needed it at the time, hah!) and we both HAD to get this book when we saw it on our trip to Washington DC. 
The spork (spoon+fork, yes) I got on a fun roadtrip somewhere between California, Arizona and Nevada and retro New York magnets are, well, self-explanatory. "San Francisco - 50 Adventures on foot" are set of cards with city walks displayed as maps on one side and text guide that "walks" you through it on the other.
Oh and the sunnies are from Chicago. They handed them out on Lollapalooza festival one summer. They are TopMan, but I don't think that it matters. That's it! Later, gator..

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