Sunday, November 22, 2015


I'm proud to say that I've been pretty consistent with posting on Instagram lately. I'm trying to make it a daily thing and it's a challenge that sometimes pushes me to be both creative and brave. Here are some of the posts and if you like them, feel free to find me as ivaeva7 HERE. Thank you for reading!。◕ ‿ ◕。 - IVA

Images Via Instagram - ivaeva7

SUNDAY ART: Mana Morimoto

This is so simple yet so powerful. I don't know much about Mana Morimoto except that she's a Tokyo-based textile artist and that this kind of art is called fiber art. Also, she doesn't seem to have a website but I found her Tumblr and Facebook page, if you're interested.

Anyway, I'm sharing this photos as an inspiration for simplicity. I wish I would write more but my eyes are tired and this Sunday cosiness is asking me to lay down and enjoy a movie. I hope you had a good weekend everybody!

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Like most of us, I got introduced to the idea of "mind over matter" through the movie The Secret. I saw it back when I was a student and I remember it resonating so powerfully with me. What I didn't know is that staying positive no matter the circumstances and practicing awareness is a real work that I'll be still doing in the years to come. Along the way I "met" some great teachers and Internet has been a great tool of connection for me. These are some of those teachers who post new uplifting videos on Youtube on regular basis, weekly or even daily. I reccomend this subscriptions if you need some daily spirituality treats in your life (and to be honest, who doesn't?!). Enjoy!



Monday, November 16, 2015


Images via Istvan Kadar, Flickr, ABM
They say it's good to write your dreams down. And that the way you talk about them determines weather they came true. So, I decided to name this post series Bucket list rather than dreams because they seem more likely to happen. We'll see. But here are some of the things I wanted to add on it first:

Two of my friends really wanted to do this for a long time and I always imagine how it would be like to make it happen and how much fun we'd have flying one of those. Plus, it seems like the balloons on the photo are flying over Tuscany which is not too far from where I live now and that gives me even more ideas.  Oh, and with a sunset like that it looks larger than life.

My dream cars in every day life are small cute ones and everybody is always surprised when I talk with passion about Grand Mercury Marquise. It pure perfection if you ask me, dark, masculine, aggressive. Nothing like me but still I have a "relationship" with it. I would LOVE to take one of those for a ride!

Another thing that I secretly dream about is having my own little store with knick knacks, vintage stuff and handmade pieces. Space that could also serve as a gallery and maybe a coffee shop, a gathering place for open mics and poetry evenings. Oh yes! To be modest, I would also just looove to see my artwork hanging or being sold in one of those cute places.

That's it for now, but even as I was writing this ideas kept popping to my head I must say - this is pretty good way of keeping focus on what you love. Good luck with some dreaming of yours. Cheers!

Sunday, November 15, 2015


Hey there! Last month I wrote a little bit about my super tiny living space and my dream of having (nice proper) atelier. I have posted some nice images of an inspiring studio and maybe even complained a little.  But just a little - cause words have power! ◕‿- You can find that post HERE.

I'm a true believer that if there's a good will anything is possible and I wanted to share with you this super tiny corner of my room that I like to call - my atelier. 

I love stories and when everything around me tells one, I'm happy. To introduce you to this space, well, I can tell you that I moved here almost thee years ago directly from New York. It was a plain white room and I knew I'd have to make some magic up to really call it my own. I've been under a heavy influence of New Orleans at that time when I moved back here to a sunny coast of Mediterranean and I knew I wanted to recreate some of that darker, mystic but still colorful vibe of French Quarter. I told my local house painter that I was going for some "old library" vibes but I realised that what I was apparently looking for is - a color of mold . Great! No more confusion. 

I have a lot of little knick-knacks that I like to change up and move around in here. This dream catches was crafted by a really special person who (a bit weird part) made it from his aunt's dead bird. Oh well... 

I decorated my super loud ticking clock, which for that reason was left with no batteries, with some faux poppy flowers in memory of my "highschool sweetheart". It reminds me of both actually - Heart Shaped Box and The Wizard of Oz

NIrvana's Heart Shaped Box

Gosh, I love Glade's scented candles... But enough about decor. I wanted to share with you a system behind this matchbox studio that I have come up with since the space in here is tiny and the veriety of crafts that I do is pretty wide. Basically I have my materials organised in few boxes that I normally keep on top of my closet (but I have some crafty stuff underneath the bed as well). 

Of course, I always want to do everything at the same time. Once I start with painting than I want to make a collage as well. And then I want to draw... And the mess keeps piling up. So I try to rather be focused to do one thing at the time. It really helps to keep my tiny space as functional and organised as possible.

My favorite is this easel-box that also serves as a storage for my acrylic paints. How cool is this! I promised myself that I'll bring it out to the nature with me next Spring since it's super light and easy to carry. For my mixed matherials I have a new box that I've been dying to play with for a while.

The smallest box of all of them makes the biggest mess! I have lots of paper scraps and scrapbooking materials in it, waiting to be scattered all around the room. It's a mess in here when I make collages and "spooky boxes". Oh, I made a post with those if you're interested (you can find it HERE). There is some artwork on my web page that's in the making as well (click HERE). 

Lastly, I love drawing and and this black box one is a perfect little storage for my basic supplies that I can just pop out and doodle or make sketches with. A lot of the acrylic paintings that I did are based on those "random doodles" and are coming to life in front of my eyes with all the color and details I'm putting into them. It's really exciting!

And that's it! All in all, I'm really happy with my tiny space. Everything will come with time and I'm pretty sure I'll have a proper atelier soon enough. But in the meantime I'm willing to work with what I have. Plus, there are so many great opportunities and options out there.

If you're looking for a conference room or an office you could try the WeWork office spaces designed to suit all types of creators and teams no matter the size. They have office spaces all over the United States and Europe and offer membership with access to exclusive events, discounts on products and more. Oh, and of course they offer benefits like connecting you with other creators and potential customers.

I'm really loving this idea of sharing office spaces and connecting freelancers and small businesses together. There's a cute video explaining more about WeWork on their website, so if you want to check it out you can head that way by clicking HERE.

That about it. I hope I've inspred you to create and enjoy your space, no matter how tiny or simple it is. I'll soon do a room tour to show you the space around the table because there's nothing so frustrating for me as seeing just one part of the "room" tour. Ok, I'll stop talking now. Bye everybody! xo (▰˘◡˘▰)

Friday, November 13, 2015


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Traveling around and finding my way in wandering adventures is one of the things I could actually say I'm pretty good at. I'm not a "professional", but I love getting lost, traveling into unknown or talking to strangers. Something that I find not too many people are really crazy about.

At first I traveled low budget because I was a college student who would spend her last savings on an airplane or a long distance bus ticket. But later I realized that those kinds of trips simply fulfill me the most. I've been to Paris but I haven't climbed up the Eiffel Tower. No, I met strangers and travellers sipping some wine laying on a blanket underneath it. I've been to New York, but I haven't been to State of Liberty. I did tho find a way to stay in The City for over a year.

I always say traveling is freedom for me and can't imagine not traveling. Money can sometimes be an issue, but it's possible! I'll be sharing some tips in few of my next traveling posts. Those really made traveling possible for me in the first place. I really hope it will give you some inspiration, open your mind to some new adventures and spark a little bit of wanderlust! 

In general, what I would say when it comes to low budget traveling is:

How many times someone asked you for a weekend trip or even a day trip but you worried about time, packing or organizing. That stuff don't matter! You don't have to be or look a certain way, you don't have to have the best photos of your trip and your hair might be all messed up on most of them but hey, that doesn't matter! Allowing yourself to be all bohemian and carefree could be the best accessories you will ever have. 

We all have some dream destinations but some of the best trips I had were the ones that were opening themselves to me. I haven't been particularly interested in Ireland at the time but that road trip in a tiny van that I was invited to was one of the best things ever! A lot of times I went places because of the company and discovered so much about myself and my preferences along the way. 

There is so much more to traveling than visiting some "it" place where everything is overpriced and where for everything you need to wait in line. Sure, not everything when exploring will be "better" than some popular spot, but that proces of discovering feels so good. And once you find something that's (almost!) only yours, it feels that much more special.  

It's always possible to travel. It doesn't have to be a fancy far away destination (but it could be - airplane tickts can be super cheap if you're smart about it). It could be exploring your local country or volunteering in some far away country. It could be so many things once you open your mind to it. At first it could be a little scary to travel alone, but once you get into it, trust me - you'll meet so much new people and you could have the time of your life.

Plus, you will descover that you are never anyway really alone. Happy traveling eveybody!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


I couldn't be happier about a fellow crafters interest for this super easy process I used when making my mermaids hair. If you have no idea what I am talking about, you may want to check out my previous post with a cute DIY doll that I did based on ABM's tutorial.

My sewing skills are very basic and that's probably the reason why I looked for a simple solution in the first place. Granted my doll is rather small in size but I think this would work great with bigger dolls as well. I would use more yarn for each "hair lock" of course. This is just an example since the doll is already done but I sure hope it will help and save you some time!

So, I made two types of "hair locks" with red yarn. I just zig-zaged the yarn around my hands in approximate length to get them right. The first one I made thicker (thicker than the one showing on the photo, oops) and in the wanted length of my dolls hair (that part is up to you). The second one I made thinner and twice as long.

I knotted the first lock (the thicker one) at the end of one side in a simple knot like the one shown on the picture below. On the second lock I made a knot in the middle and I folded it in half. Next you will need to cut the edges off; one side of the first lock and both sides of the second one.

That's the preparation part done! The sewing part was easy. I sewed in the the tinnier hair locks around the face first by piercing the needle through the knot. No brainer there. 

Now, here's where I saved up a lot of time. The thicker locks I sewed in starting from the bottom of the head towards the top. I sewed them in by piercing through the knot first. But then I sewed in those little parts of  the same hair lock that were sticking out of the knot as well.  In no time I covered the whole head. This doesn't have to be perfect since it will be cover up later anyway. Get your messy out!

There were no bald spots, the hair looked really thick and I could move on to the next step. I sewed in the thinner hair locks (that were folded in half) above every thick lock. Sometimes I added an extra thinner lock randomly to make the hair look more realistic. But that's about it. You can see it on the photo below how much hair you can make with just two hair/yarn locks knotted and sewed in. 

1 + 1 = 50 ! 

And voila!


The hair ended up looking really thick and those little knots are not at all too visible - they get lost among all the yarn. And the big pieces ended up being covered underneath them. In the ended the hair making was the easies part of making this doll. If you read about my Mermaid DIY, you'll understand why. 。◕ ‿ ◕

Have a great day everybody and good luck! - IVA

Sunday, November 8, 2015


"Ariel, listen to me. A human world is a mess..." and by now you probably have a tropical melody of Under the Sea stuck in your head. That is if you were obsessed with little mermaid like yours truly here. It's no wonder I couldn't resist this awesome little DIY that I did based on ABM's project (they have a tutorial with patterns on their blog ready to download HERE) and I immediately knew I had to recreate it and add my own spin on it...

And I mean IMMEDIATELY! I looked around the house to find some materials but I knew I didn't have any skin toned or glitter fabric let along some cool buttons or even fabric glue. My scissors were broken and my sewing kit looked all messed up. It felt discouraging and I almost gave up. Instead, I looked harder.

I really did find some small leftovers of dark gray fabric and a glittery top that was ready to be given away. Gray didn't really work as a "skin color" so I used my acrylics to paint it light pink. I wanted to print out the patterns but my printer suddenly didn't cooperate. I had to place a paper on the screen of my laptop to draw over the lines. The laptop tho has a touch screen so the image kept moved around as I would accidentally touch it with my hand. I almost went nuts! Still, I managed to cut the patterns out with half broken scissors and I was ready to sew.

But you know what happened then? The acrylic paint dried and turned into a thick layer of plastic and it made super difficult to do any hand sawing. I did it anyway. After a while I was half done and it honestly looked horrible. I kept thinking that all this work was for nothing and that it just wasn't worth it. I was once again ready to give up.  But I didn't! I kept going.

Oh my, what a mess...
The next day I got some buttons and painted them green (they didn't have any "cool" ones at a local store store), I sewed in the red yarn on to give my mermaid nice thick hair and I pimped her up with nice jewelery.. Oh, and I painted here skin again and made eyes more suitable to her looks.

And that's how this little mermaid thought me not to give it up even if everything is going seems to be going against me. Dramatically speaking.. And when I look at her now I know - it was totally worth it! 。◕ ‿ ◕。

Monday, November 2, 2015


Via Instagram: @jenniferlake, @clairecollected, @seanmahanart,
@_britbass, @ispydiy, @abeautifulmess

Now that Halloween is behind us I decided to bring a little life to my artistic expression. As I've been working with Instagram and this blog lately I realised how my "online life" and art look gloomier than they really are. Nothing wrong with a bit of mysteriousness (my Zodiac sign is Scorpio after all) but this vibe started to dominate all the others. On this note I here promise to myself that I'll:

1. Use less moody filters. (Oh, but how I obsess over nostalgic feel)

2. Use more vibrant colors for my artwork. (Yup, guilty of using same old palette the whole year)

3. Make more of "real" photos. (I've missed myself natural and "out of the character")

4. Focus on the now. (I get caught up in my thoughts when I blog about my past)

5. Be fresh, fresh, fresh! 

I'll do my best to keep the energy moving and the mood uplifting. That's what I personally need more of and what I find world probably needs more of in general as well. Well, "sweet and spooky" just god a new friend - "color". 

Friday, October 30, 2015


Happy Halloween!

Creating this look the other day made me feel like a real kid again! True, Halloween is just around the corner, but I had no intentions of channeling any witchy (slash Curly Sue?) vibes when I paired my red shoes and green'n'black tights together. It sort of just happened! 

The Wizard of Oz 

Otherwise, I'm rather boring when it comes to fashion on daily basics. And even when I want to put something "interesting" together - I'm too shy to wear it. So I mostly stick to my regular "capsule wardrobe" for work and "don't give a f*" items for home. But now I really have a feeling this might change... Strutting this weird combo that I've put together with an intuition of an 6 year and taking photos of it was so much fun! And it makes me think I just might do it more often. 

Fly Shoes London


Annie took this photo of me in front of a random (spooky) house down the street;
Catonsville, Maryland

There can't be a Halloween without me thinking about Baltimore. It's because every day felt like Halloween when I moved to a small town Catonsville placed in it's suburbs. It's not that I didn't love it's peculiar vibe (I like horror movies after all) but it felt a bit... spooky sometimes. Old Victorian mansions and big trees... May I say they added to the "atmosphere". 

"Travel guide" I found at the library

As I was new in town I walked around a lot and one of the first "town sights" I've got to experience was the Spring Grove Hospital - huge old psychiatric hospital comlex notorious for lobotomies and alegdly haunted areas. Oh well... To move from this idea of towns "haundet past" I went to the library to get some touristy stuff but the lady there sent me to an isle where most books about the area had words like "ghost" or "haunted" in their title. 

My time living in Catonsville not only made me understand Poe a bit better (yup, he had strong ties with Baltimore and lived there as well) but inspired some creepy artwork, collages and few lines that I wrote for my writing course (it ended being the ONLY thing I wrote the entire course, but oh well... *blush*).

"Rows of tall skinny oak trees everywhere around me started to appeared as rows of prison bars. Even just a walk around the streets of this town awoke my claustrophobia. Old Victorian mansions looked haunted like scenes from Hitchcock movies. As I looked up at the sky trying to catch a spot of a clear sky that hasn't been stolen by monstrous oak trees, I grew afraid that their little branches will catch me if I ran." Hmmm...

Besides the writing course, that Autumn I took Spanish, painting, singing, acting and - collge course
I lived in Catonsville for a year and I'm glad I did. Now I have a story of my own little spooky Halloween town that, to be now for real, was a lovely little place with amazing Victorian architecture, dreamy nature and the most beautiful Autumn I have ever seen. Happy Halloween!